Ktan- Tone (Little Tone) Program

Ktan-Tone (Little Tone) Program was developed by Dr. Michal Hefer in order to encourage and develop musical ability in every child since birth. It is an innovative model for developing musical skills in the early years, skills which are also contributors to other skills such as language, spatial orientation, visual perception, social skills, emotional and parent-child communication. This approach advocates exposure and musical interaction based on Dr. Edwin Gordon’s method and on Prof. Veronika Cohen’s “Musical Mirrors” pedagogy in addition to variety of studies in the field of early childhood music psychology.

 The program is designed for infants from birth to six years, in small groups or groups of parents and children. It combines a large repertoire of songs, rhymes and musical works which are introduced to children through story telling, games, playing musical instruments and dances. In the last years a large number of music ducators were trained with Hefer’s Ktan-Tone program throughout Israel and abroad. 

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