Music Learning Theory- Edwin Gordon

 Through music children gain insight into themselves, into others, and into life itself. Most important, through music children are better able to develop and sustain their imaginations and unabashed creativity. Because a day does not pass without children hearing or practicing in music one way or another, it is to thier advantage to understand music.” (Gordon, 1990) 


During the 80’s Dr. Edwin Gordon developed a theory relating to the development of musical potential and skills from infancy onward. Music Learning Theory (MLT) is an innovative model to the question “How do we learn music?” In his writings Gordon explains the similarities between music and language and highlights the importance of musical exposure during the first months of life through interaction with an adult (teacher / parent). Due to the rapid development of the human brain in the early years, an early exposure to music will allow the child to develop his musical ability and will be a solid foundation for future capacity.

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