South Korea



JOOHEE RHO- Audie, Seoul, Korea

Joohee is a teacher and educator in early childhood music. In 1997, she established Audie, the first early childhood music learning centerin Korea, and the Korea Audiation Music Education Research Center, which supports music education in Korea.

Dr. Rho visited Ktan-Tone Center in Israel and led workshops and lectures in Israel’s National Conference at the Levinsky College of Education, Tel-Aviv.

More than 20,000 young children have participated in the Audie music program. Dr. Rho?s songs and chants are published in Joohee Rho’s Songbook. She is a co-author of a series of Audie Piano books for very young children guided by the concepts song and play with fun. She is also a producer and director of 6 music education plays for performances at theaters. She is active presenter at international conferences of PECERA (Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association). Dr. Rho is vice-president of Korea Music Therapy Education Association.

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