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BETH BOLTON  – Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. 

Beth is a teacher and researcher in early childhood music, and an active speaker and presenter at conferences.  In the last decade she has presented keynote and invited lectures and taught in Australia, Brazil, China, the Dominican Republic, Greece, Israel, Italy, Korea, Lithuania, New Zealand, and Singapore.

 Dr. Bolton visited Israel in 2009 and lectures at the Ktan-Tone Center, Bar- Ilan University and the Rubin Academy for Music and Dance in Jerusalem.  In her lectures and workshops she emphasized the importance on music education  in the first years of life.

Dr. Bolton?s300+ songs for children and their parents are published in two books, Musicianship  and Katangaroo.  She is co-author of Jump Right In: The Music Curriculum and Music Play. Beth is Vice Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs, Center for the Arts and Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs, Boyer College of Music and Dance, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. 


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